Here you can find a little information about a few of the projects we have  completed for our customers

New timber structure and warm roof

Liquid Waterproofing Systems Ltd overlaid three flat roofs on this property with the Polyroof Protec system, we also replaced a lead gully with 18mm ply decking and applied the Polyroof 185 system.

Alongside this we also stripped the large slate roof and timbers and lowered the wall.

We then fitted new timber joists and created a new Polyroof 120mm warm roof.

Outlets work

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd was appointed to rectify damp problems showing on the front elevation of the flats above H&T Pawnbrokers in Dalston. Upon closer inspection we discovered there were two outlets on each corner beneath the mansard valleys. Both outlets were very deep and only 200/200mm wide, which made renewing or maintenance impossible. Once in the outlet we were not able to reach down to clear debris let alone carry out any repairs. This explained the ‘bodged’ roofing which had been done when the slates had been fitted in the 90s? I expect, the roofer could not fit the slates all the way down to the original lead outlets, which was obviously fitted prior to the wall being built. So, their solution was to bridge the gap with roofing felt. Now this felt had perished 20 years later it was my problem to fix. 

My solution was to take out the brick work and raise the outlet to a more accessible position, then re-build the wall trying to save some original features. We used new pipes to raise the outlet level and built a new timber deck, then we re-sealed with Polyroof GRP roofing system. We then slated over the new fibreglass outlet and re-built the wall with new bricks to match existing. All work was carried out on scaffolding, which was fully sealed to protect the public from any debris falling below.

Asbestos Profile Roofing Sheet Repair

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd was appointed to carry out this emergency repair to a warehouse. The leak was coming through a crack in the asbestos sheet. We cleaned and primed the defective area, then we patch repaired the crack with Polyroof Protec GRP System. All of this work was carried out within a 1 hour time frame, saving the business owners a big fortune and allowing them to carry on with their day to day business.

Warm Roof Design

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd was appointed by a builder to install a 120mm warm roof. We recommended the Polyroof RES 120mm warm roof which consists of 18mm ply spread sheet, Alutrix vapour control layer then 120mm RES insulation board bonded directly to the VCL eliminating the requirement for mechanical fixings.

The Polyroof Protec system is applied directly to the insulation, eliminating the requirement for an extra ply deck and keeping the height down for doorways and such.

Metal Profile Roof Repair

This roof was repaired with basic fibreglass which should have only been used on new ply decking, not metal sheeting. We cleaned the entire area and applied Polyroof Elastex system designed to overlay metal roofs.

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Green Home Grant

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd are PAS 2030 approved for the installation of flat roof insulation under the Green Homes Grant. We are Trust Mark and Green Orb Deal approved. The scheme is available to Homeowners until March 2022. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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