Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd are licenced to fit the leading Polyroof fibre glass flat roofing system. We install all sizes and shapes of flat roofs for domestic and commercial projects. Installing fibre glass flat roofing systems in the South East since 2006. We pride ourselves with 100% client satisfaction. Further information can be found on the Polyroof website; http://polyroof.co.uk/

Polyroof Advanced Liquid Roofing Systems

This video, filmed in conjunction with the Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Association, demonstrates how a Polyroof system can be installed – in this instance to a new plywood deck – and covers some of the system’s many benefits.


You might have seen other companies offering guarantees for 30, 40 or even 50 years. But how long have they been offering these guarantees, and what does their guarantee not cover? Polyroof have been issuing comprehensive, straight-forward and fully transparent labour and material guarantees since 1984, which are supported by independent insurance.

Independent Accreditations

We think our products are the best on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Polyroof systems have been extensively tested and are fully accredited by leading third parties such as the BBA and FM. With proven durability ratings of up to 30 years and the highest rated fire performance, Polyroof systems have the credentials to give you total peace of mind.

Polyroof Approved Installers

Polyroof systems are only supplied to reputable contractors who have been trained and approved to use the systems. Our training and quality control checks are monitored by the British Board of Agrément under our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality scheme. All contractors are independent and have the local experience and knowledge to advise you about your roof.

Genuine Value for Money

Polyroof ’s exclusive, seamless and durable roofing systems totally eliminate all the shortcomings and short lifespan of traditional felt and bitumen materials. Unlike cheap GRP alternatives, Polyroof systems have been developed specifically for optimum roof performance, so they are flexible, highly UV resistant and achieve top fire performance ratings. Polyroof delivers real long term peace of mind and true value for money – never a cheap, quick fix solution.

Compliance with Regulations

Did you know that in order to comply with Building Regulations, a fibreglass or GRP roofing system must have BBA or ETA certification? Do you also know about the compulsory thermal insulation upgrades under Part L (England & Wales) regulations? Both your Polyroof approved installer and our Technical Team are on hand to ensure your roof will comply with all relevant legislation – and avoid any headaches in the future if or when you sell your home.

Committed to Our Customers

We operate to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, meaning our customer’s requirements are fully met at all levels. Our technical and customer support services will remain on hand right from the conception of your roof project. The ISO 9001 system also includes the training and monitoring of approved contractors, and is externally monitored every six months by third party companies to ensure compliance.

Polyroof 185 System

The UK's leading fibreglass roofing system. This was the first ever GRP system to receive BBA certification and has been installed on roofs and balconies continuously since 1984. Always applied to an approved OSB3 or plywood deck. This system carries a 30 year durability rating.

Protec System

Protec system is the most popular and versatile roofing system. With a proven life expectancy of 25 years. Ideal for all flat roof types and common substrates. Where new insulation is required Protec can be applied directly to approved insulation boards as part of a simple but effective warm roof design.

Elastex System

Elastex is a single pack polyurethane system that is BBA approved and is available in 10-25 year versions. The system is ideal for extending the life of existing metal gutters, industrial sheeted roofs and metal or single ply flat roofs. Elastex is capable of outstanding adhesion to virtually all metals and common roofing substrates. Its high flexibility means it can accommodate any normal structural expansion movements.

RES Insulation

RES Insulation boards can be glued to existing roof deck and coated directly with the BBA approved Protec system, providing a seamless and cost effective waterproofing solution that is fully guaranteed for 20 years.

Service Pricing

For our Domestic & Commercial clients our services include.

We also offer a Lay Only Service and provide a supply and lay only service to our Commercial and Professional clients.

Prices start from £80 per square meter plus VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fibreglass lasts 10-15 years longer than felt. British Board of Agrement (BBA) for 30 years.

Yes, using the Polyroof Protec System. Can also be applied over asphalt, PVC, single felt and GRP. Can also be applied directly to approved insulation boards, plywood or OSB3 boards.

No, water sitting (ponding) will not damage the fibreglass.

Yes, using a quartz sand finish during application.

Only whilst being applied.

Yes, the roof needs to be completely dry and cannot be applied in the rain.

Yes, using anti slip during application


Yes, fibreglass is a seamless system used for roof repairs

Using pre-formed trims sealed within the fibreglass

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Green Home Grant

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd are PAS 2030 approved for the installation of flat roof insulation under the Green Homes Grant. We are Trust Mark and Green Orb Deal approved. The scheme is available to Homeowners until March 2022. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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