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Covid 19 Policy

LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD recognise that Coronavirus / Covid 19 is a hazard that poses a significant risk to our workers and our industry has needed to react to control the cross contamination of this virus.

We have developed this policy so that all Employees (and sub-contractors working under our control) understand and respect how LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD will manage and maintain Coronavirus / Covid 19 routinely as part of our work, this includes social distancing at work along with arrangements for travelling to and from work.

LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD shall comply with the requirements of the “Site Operating Procedures” document issued by the Construction leadership Council & any additional requirements stipulated by the Principal
Contractor on sites, where we are contracted to work.

All Operatives will be required to attend a Covid-19 toolbox talk and specific company Covid-19 induction.

Training and Instruction

All LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD Employees (and sub-contractors working under our control) will attend
a Coronavirus / Covid 19 based toolbox talk which will be delivered by either the Works Supervisor or the Company Director.
Additional training may be provided by Principal Contractors in the form of site specific Covid 19 based induction for their site.

Risk Assessment and Method Statements

All LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD Risk Assessments and Method statements will include details on how contact with Coronavirus / Covid 19 pathogens will be reduced to an acceptable level.
Where required, we will add any site-specific information as required by the Principal Contractor following a review of our document.


As Coronavirus / Covid 19 is an ever-changing situation, LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD shall complete a daily check of the current status from the following sources:

Covid 19: Guidance for employees, employers and businesses:

Guidance to Employers and Businesses About Covid-19

Site Operating Procedures:

Following the identification of change in work practices, this will prompt a review of our risk assessments and method
statements to ensure that they are in line with the latest guidance and instruction.

Stop the Job authority

In the event that any job cannot be completed safely, or if it is felt that other workers (Including co-workers, other workers on site, the Principal Contractor or Client) are not complying with site and company rules related to
Coronavirus / Covid 19, they have full permission of LIQUID WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD to stop the job and report this to the Company Director.

These arrangements shall be reviewed annually or when there is a change in circumstances, in work practices or the introduction of new legislation.

Covid 19 Working Guidelines:

Before Work Begins:

Ensure client’s household and LWS LTD installer do not have any Covid 19 symptoms.

Good communication between installer and client, to ensure any concerns have been discussed with regards to access and ensuring a safe distance. To also confirm if client is clinically vulnerable if necessary so LWS LTD can take necessary steps and extra care.

Limit face to face contact by using phones and tablets ad use of photos and videos.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to be worn, such as; gloves and masks if necessary.

While the work is being carried out:

Disinfect doors and handles daily before and after installer attends.

Use of hand sanitiser where needed throughout the day.

Keep a good social distance.

Stand side by side rather than face to face if cannot keep a safe distance.

If installer or client develop Covid 19 symptons during works then works will stop and will follow government’s procedure on self isolation.

After the work is completed:

Disinfect all areas where the installer has worked.

Make electronic payments.

Contact the client or installer if anyone shows Covid 19 symptoms within 14 days of the work being completed.

Additional Steps:

LWS LTD installers will;

• Travel in own vehicle to and from work.
• Do regular LFT and report any Covid 19 symptons immediately.
• Clean and disinfect equipment and tools regularly.
• Use of hand sanitizer regularly throughout day if water and soap isn’t available.
• Wearing of mask where necessary if cannot social distance.