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Flat Roof Repairs Wandsworth

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Professional Flat Roof Repairs in Wandsworth

If you are looking for Wandsworth flat roof repairs then we can help. Liquid Waterproofing Solutions keeps quality in mind where customer service is concerned. Just as competitors sacrifice quality for profit, the goal of LWS is to maximise quality service to keep clients satisfied. When your roof comes down and is in need of repair, their team of qualified professionals can get the job done in two hours or less for a cost of 80 pounds per hour, and that’s not much.

A fair assessment is granted once the initial inspection is completed. Roofing operatives are bound by law to take all precautions necessary to ensure that the problem in your roof is corrected safely and in a timely manner. In fact, each operative on the team is required to meet ladder fall safety standards for those who work outdoors without further protection.

Flat Roof Refurbishment

If you’re looking to dispose of old, tattered roofs and replace them with something entirely new, then Liquid Waterproofing Solutions is the answer. They can start a specific project to improve your home or your flat by removing old roof slate along with the timbers for a more thorough job on your home project. They can increase or decrease the height of the wall within the interior of your home if needed before replacing any roof shingles. They can also apply the Polyroof Protec system to ward off waning winter temperatures and keep all occupants warm and safe indoors.

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency services is another critical component of the myriad of services offered by LWS for both residential and commercial customers. If the presence of asbestos is detected, then calling a roofing operative is the best bet in this matter. They can fix a leak within the asbestos roofing and may even be able to replace the entire section. This is something that should be called for right away, as prolonged asbestos exposure yields long-term chronic health problems down the road.

Any attempts to repair, or replace your flat roof on your own are at best ill-advised. Calling on a team member at LWS can put you out of harm’s way without the high cost or the fuss. In most scenarios, this work is typically completed within the hour as you go about your business, and if for some reason it should take longer, then the contractor can provide a written explanation detailing the problem and all costs involved.

Polyroof Fibreglass Flat Roofs

There are instances when roofing projects are far more complex that they surpass a mere two-hour time limit. Thankfully, LWS understands, and can still work with the customer. They can lay out the work project, detail the plan involved, and discuss suitable pricing to meet your needs. LWS hides nothing when it comes to your home’s roofing needs, and has many different types of roofing materials to work with.

But what allows this operation to stand out is the idea that they hold a specialty in polyroof fibreglass flat roof systems, Polyroof have been around since 1984. LWS LTD have been laying Polyroof since 2006. This new brand of flat roofing consists of a liquid application that mixes well with the tough exterior of tradtional fibreglass to bring forth a unique flexibility that allows each part to be fitted into a structure. Plus, each chemical is applied as a protective coat that’s designed to protect your home in the event of nasty weather. Even a roof leak cannot get in once the work is complete. In fact, these roofs are reputed to have a lifespan that goes up to 30 years, and that is precisely what makes these special flat roofing systems so cost-effective.

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions LTD

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd are Polyroof approved contractors whereby Polyroof Products Ltd are the UK’s leading liquid roofing system. Their vast experience in chemical polyester technology places them in high demand and increases business for LWS, thus putting them as number one in the UK region. For more information, contact us or read more about LWS Ltd.