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Flat Roof Repairs Kensington

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Professional Flat Roof Repairs Kensington

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions can help you today if you need Kensington flat roof repairs. Flat, concrete roofs may be aesthetically pleasing but do require a lot of maintenance. Various factors may lead to shifting or cracking such as ground movement, foundation settlement, and UV rays. The average life span of a flat roof is ten to fifteen years.

Six signs that your flat roof needs replacing:

  • Bubbling, blistering, and adhesion failure.
  • Exposed timber, tears, cracks, and splits.
  • Poor falls, small outlets, and ponding on the roof.
  • Water leaks caused by adjoining walls and upstands not being sealed properly.
  • Any type of organic growth, such as moss or lichens, which indicates a leak or water retention.
  • The type and design of the roof may be an indicator.

When roofs are not well built or well-maintained, the roof may make certain noises that could indicate that a repair or replacement is required. Here is a list of five common noises and when to repair or replace the flat roof:

Heat-Related Cracking

These noises occur with temperature changes. This will be most notable when the sun is up or the air-conditioning unit is switched on. A roof inspection will detect any cracks or joints that are under pressure.

Snapping and Popping

When a new roof is installed over an old roof, the old roof carries the weight of the new roof which may result in snapping and popping noises. The old roof needs to be removed to prevent further noises.


Banging occurs during mild and windy weather as a result of parts of the roof being loose or not fixed in place. An inspection will detect the loose parts and the parts can be replaced by a qualified technician.


This noise is a result of roof material and joints not being able to expand due to changing weather conditions as the roof builder has not made provision for this. Water damage may also cause a cracking sound. A professional technician will find the source of the noise and may suggest possible solutions.

Loud Rain

Noise from rain is inescapable, however, the building material of the roof can minimize this sound. If the sound is noisier than is reasonably expected from these types of roofs, an inspection may be required. Additional insulation should fix the problem but there are other solutions as well.

Why Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd?

It is imperative to have trained, professional, and experienced roofers tend to installation and repair services, to ensure that the longevity of the roof can be guaranteed. Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd is a family-owned and operated roofing business, serving residential and commercial clients, since 2006.

Technicians are skilled and trained in high quality, premium flat roof refurbishments and renewals. The business is licensed to install all leading poly roof, fibreglass flat roofing systems. All labour and materials used include an insurance backed guarantee. Qualified roofing technicians at Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd use the latest ladder Safety and Fall Arrest System when installing or repairing roofs. Prior to the commencement of work, all work to be performed is explained to the client via a roofing report and technicians aim to complete work within two hours.

We charge an agreed hourly rate and should work not be completed within the two hour period, a consultation will commence, upon which the company and client agree on a price going forward. Services offered by the company include full flat roof renewals, warm roof installations, flat roof refurbishments, and flat roof repairs. The business operates under ISO 9001 quality standards. Technical support and customer services are on hand, from start through to project completion, to assist clients with any queries the client may have. The business covers London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire and offers a 24/7 emergency service.

Contact us today or call us on 0203 905 5473 for a quote.