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Everything You Need to Know About GRP Flat Roof Systems Fulham

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GRP Flat Roof Systems Fulham

Many homeowners struggle when it comes to deciding which type of material to use on a flat roof. One of the best options is GRP flat roof systems, which are made using fiberglass. Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Limited has over twenty years of roofing experience and can provide GRP flat roof systems in Fulham and the surrounding area. We can carry out flat roof repair, replacement or installation.

What is flat roofing?

Over the past thirty years, GRP flat Roof systems have become very popular among homeowners and commercial business owners. GRP is sometimes called Fibreglass roofing and was first developed in 1938 to use as insulation.

In the past few decades, fibreglass manufacturers have developed GRP to create a highly functional roofing system that looks great. This type of roofing system is durable, long-lasting, and perfect for flat roofs. It can last for between 20 and 50 years.

GRP flat roof systems are typically created using three layers. The base layer is made of plywood and a layer of liquid roof resin. The second layer is made from glass fibre and reinforced matting, and then a further coat of resin is applied. The edges are then trimmed, and the roof is given a UV coating to finish. The top layer of the roofing system is made from non-slip aggregate.

The Benefits of GRP Flat Roof Systems

GRP roofing systems are made using a very rigid board; this makes them durable and long-lasting. This type of roofing system can also be finished in a wide selection of different colour options, making it attractive.

GRP’s main benefits are that it’s completely seamless, making it watertight and suitable for flat roofs, which are prone to developing puddles and leaks.

GRP is so strong that it can even be used on balconies and walkways. It can be used to cover existing surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and felt coverings. A topcoat can be applied to the GRP to add traction for surfaces that people will walk on to avoid it becoming slippy.

The product is long-lasting and is therefore environmentally friendly as it won’t need replacing often and won’t fill landfills with unnecessary waste. GRP can also be used to cover dormers or canopies. It has a proven track record as it’s long-lasting and is likely to be used for many years to come. There are three types of Polyroof; Protec, Elastex and 185 system.

Polyroofing is a stand-alone system that has won many awards. Ultra-flex is excellent as it allows for natural movement in the roof without cracking, and top seal has a double system and is more environmentally friendly.

Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd: GRP Flat Roof Systems Fulham

If you’re looking to install a GRP flat roof system on your home or commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact Liquid Waterproofing Solutions Ltd. The company employs highly skilled tradespeople to carry out roofing installation and repairs. They specialise in installing GRP flat roof systems throughout Fulham and the surrounding area.

If you’re looking to have a flat roof installed, call 0203 905 5473 today or email us to see what Liquid Waterproofing Solutions can do for you!